Unity not Unanimity

Our unity is based upon essential doctrine not preferential opinion. We’ll see that the gospel that transforms our lives, also forms the basis for our unity.

“I don’t understand how someone could really love Jesus and still go to the movies, drink wine, or approve of dancing. I mean, are they really serious about the Lord?” Comments like these reveal a reality that has existed from the beginning of the church. The reality that Christians have many differing opinions on issues that the Bible doesn’t explicitly speak to. And as the above quote reflects, sometimes these opinions are very strongly held.

So, how does the church handle things like this? Do we duke it out in the hallway? Do we fire pastors and stiff arm members with whom we disagree? Do we flaunt our freedoms and label everyone else as legalists? Do we start new churches around our preferred opinions? I mean, how can the church work when we bring together so many different opinions on lots of different issues? Well, that’s exactly what Romans 14 is about.