The Family – Complicated Compatibility

Over the last few weeks we’ve been taking some time to look at the topic of Family through the lens of God’s word and gospel. We’ve seen that God’s design is clear, beautiful, and illuminating. It’s simply masterful. Thus, for many of us the context of family has provided some of life’s most enjoyable and memorable moments. Yet, as a result of the fall and the effects of sin, the reverse is also true.

Some of your life’s most painful experiences may be tied to the context of family. So, while the family is wonderful, it’s also complicated. Thus, we need to hear what God has to say about it. And by the way, isn’t it awesome to know that God has provided all the instruction we need in His word? He desires for your family relationships to thrive and ultimately to bring glory to Himself.

For the next two weeks, we will move forward in Ephesians 5 to look more closely into the marriage relationship. In 5:22-24 we’ll see God’s ordained roles for husbands and wives and will see from Genesis that these roles are beautiful and for our good! Moreover, we’ll also see why these roles are so maligned and so difficult to carry out. We’ll see God’s ideal and better understand why we often fail to experience it.