Transforming Hope

We will face trials and tribulation in this present life. But, Peter turns our attention to hope. Not just any hope, but a transforming hope, and a hope only found in Jesus Christ!

A Proven Faith

After pointing us to a future promise of enternal life and a future in heaven with God, Peter turns us back to our current but temporary reality: this life will give us trials and tests used to build, shape and fortify our faith.

An Incomparable Salvation

Our God – Able and Willing to Help

Please join Pastor Mark Blowers today as he teaches from God’s Word in 1 John 2:1.

The Glory of God’s Grace

Please join Pastor Mark Blowers today as he preaches from Titus 2:11-14 The Glory of God’s Grace.

From Self-Sufficiency to Faith

Please join Pastor Mark Blowers as he brings us God’s word from Genesis chapter 32.

As He Had Promised

God keeps his promises. Always. Pastor Mark Blowers takes us through the story of Abraham and Sarah to show us this truth but to also draw distinction between God and man. Even when we’re unsure, God is steady and keeps his promises. Always.

The Exultation of Christ