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The Family: To Parents (Part 2)

The latter half of Ephesians 6:4 tells parents to “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord”. This relatively small phrase is robust. It speaks volumes to us. [And btw speaks help to all who are positioned to influence children like grandparents, aunts/uncles, children’s teachers, etc]

I trust that God will use His word to encourage us in this great task.

The Family: To Parents

The Family series has been about doing family well. God masterfully designed it as a beautiful and illumination of His glory. As we consider the last verse of Paul’s discourse about the family in Ephesians, it comes with a strong exhortation to parents.

Exhortation to Children

What do we think when we hear the term family? One reason is that it helps to capture the full community of faith that gathers each week…including the children. The youth are a big part of the assembled congregation. Ephesians 6:1-3 makes it clear that this was the mindset of Paul and the gathered church at Ephesus. As we continue our series on the Family, we’ll consider an admonition that God makes directly to the children…an admonition that carries applications and implications for all of us.

The Family – Singleness

We continue to look into God’s masterful design of family. For the last few weeks we’ve narrowed our scope to the realm of marriage. Today we spend the majority of our time considering an oft neglected part of every family. Fortunately, our God doesn’t neglect anyone. No, every individual has a special place inside the family of God and inside His church.

As I’ve studied the Word and listened to dear friends, I’ve been both convicted and impassioned this week about the importance of what God has to say about the focus of our text. Marriage is NOT the ultimate prize. Jesus is the ultimate prize. Single friend, you are loved, complete, and useful.

The Family (Part 5)

As we make way on our study of God’s masterful design of the family, we ask “how does a husband lead his wife and how does she follow?” What will this look like in practice and with what attitudes must they be carried out?Follow along as Paster Dustin Rogers addresses these questions and more from Ephesians 5:22-32.

The Family – Complicated Compatibility

Over the last few weeks we’ve been taking some time to look at the topic of Family through the lens of God’s word and gospel. We’ve seen that God’s design is clear, beautiful, and illuminating. It’s simply masterful. Thus, for many of us the context of family has provided some of life’s most enjoyable and memorable moments. Yet, as a result of the fall and the effects of sin, the reverse is also true.

Some of your life’s most painful experiences may be tied to the context of family. So, while the family is wonderful, it’s also complicated. Thus, we need to hear what God has to say about it. And by the way, isn’t it awesome to know that God has provided all the instruction we need in His word? He desires for your family relationships to thrive and ultimately to bring glory to Himself.

For the next two weeks, we will move forward in Ephesians 5 to look more closely into the marriage relationship. In 5:22-24 we’ll see God’s ordained roles for husbands and wives and will see from Genesis that these roles are beautiful and for our good! Moreover, we’ll also see why these roles are so maligned and so difficult to carry out. We’ll see God’s ideal and better understand why we often fail to experience it.

The Family – God’s Masterful Design (Part 2)

As we continue our series on the family, we’ll see how God’s masterful design was marred in the fall [Genesis 3]. In this study, we’ll gain a better understanding of why there is so much pain, heartache, and difficulty in the world and specifically, in the family.

Yet, this message doesn’t lead us to despair. Rather, it gives us the necessary longing and understanding to lead us to HOPE! You see, our perfect Tri-Une God is also a great Redeemer and His design for the family mirrors both!

The Family – God’s Masterful Design (Part 1)

The family is an extraordinary thing. Just thinking about it can evoke a wide range of emotions. Family is often the context of many of life’s greatest joys and fondest memories. It’s one of God’s greatest gifts! However, family can also be the setting for some of life’s greatest difficulties and disappointments.

Family is a tremendous blessing and it can also be a tremendous burden. The relationships within can be complicated…the dynamics complex. Marriage can be wonderful and it is also hard. Parenting is amazing and yet it can also be trying and humbling. In-laws can seem like out-laws, or they can be outstanding. It’s crazy and it’s wonderful but it’s safe to say that we all need help understanding and doing FAMILY well.

Marriage In Right Relationship

Have you ever thought of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians as a dissertation on right relationships?  Throughout the letter, you find consistent themes of healthy relationships—reconciliation, unity, harmony, peace—as either statements of reality or, more often, as heartfelt appeals.  Right relationships start with God.  Paul writes that God has given us everything we need to live in a right relationship.  Please join us as Pastor Mark Blowers shows us how to have a “Marriage in Right Relationship” as he opens the book of Ephesians 5:22-30.