What is Real Faith

As a Christian, do you ever feel like society sees you as a bit loony or that you’re living in a make-believe world that is mostly just a religious crutch to get you through life? Friends, we’re not living in fairyland! You need not be pushed around with such notions. Real faith isn’t make-believe!

So, what is real faith? As we study the last section of Romans chapter 4, we’ll see that real faith is honest, reasonable, and ultimately unwavering in its belief in a faithful, reliable Redeemer!  Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers as we continue studying the “Romans Road”.  

Justification By Faith Alone Is Intended For All

Paul expands further on the subject of justification and a right relationship with God has always been grounded through faith alone. But when is that justifying faith given and can it be removed? Pastor Dustin leads us through Romans 4:9-12 and shows us that justification is not just for the Jew but is intended for every person.

Justification has ALWAYS been by Faith Alone

The gospel Paul preached, of justification by grace through faith alone in Christ alone, stood in stark contrast to the Judaism of his day. Thus, to many in his day, this gospel would have been seen as new or innovative. Paul, however, has been careful to show that this gospel is fully consistent with all of Old Testament Scripture. Well, he takes it up a notch in chapter 4. He’s now going to show us the consistency from the Old Testament itself and from two of its most significant figures! In Romans 4:1-8 we will see that a right relationship with God has ALWAYS been grounded in faith.

Sinners Declared Righteous by Faith

As we began to dig into Romans 3:21-26 last week, I asked you to imagine a scene. This scene of the imposing, holy Judge seated at His bench before a long line of hopelessly guilty people, in many ways reflects where the narrative of Paul’s argument has brought us by chapter 3 and verse 19. All of mankind stands guilty before the Law of God and we are silenced…we have no defense. Barring an intervention, we will all step forward to the proverbial bench and be rightly pronounced guilty, eternally sentenced to hell.
Yet, with the words of transition, “But now” in verse 21, Paul introduces such an intervention! There is hope! New facts are introduced that change everything for the line of people and introduce the reader to an entirely new perspective on the Judge. He’s willing to turn this whole scene into an adoption ceremony…and He’s willing to become the Father. Yet, in so doing, He remains fully Just. He hasn’t just decided on a whim to slip out of His Judge’s robe and forget or overlook our sin. Rather, He has put forward His own Son to propitiate for the sinner’s line. He punished the righteous Jesus so that He could declare sinners like you and me to be forgiven and righteous as His sons and daughters. What a transition! What good news!

Your Sin has been Punished

Imagine a scene containing a Judge, a bench, and a long line of people – each with a long, sad, & frowning face. It appears that they await judgment and none appears to have hope. From 1:18 thru 3:20 Paul has exposed the sinful condition of man and his complete inability to do anything to remedy his plight. Now he sheds light on how God has given us hope through the work of Jesus.

Case Closed: The Silence of Sinners – 04/30/2017

As Romans chapter 3 opens, we hear the self-righteous Jew and ourselves once more saying, “Wait”.  With a final attempt to vindicate himself, the opponent issues objections to Paul.  Paul unfolds in verses 3 thru 20 that the case is closed…all are silenced and “no one seeks after God” and that we need to be rescued like every man.   Please join us today as Pastor Dustin Rogers brings us this message from the book of Romans, continuing our series on “The Romans Road”.

Are You OK? – 04/23/2017

“The ground is level at the foot of the cross”. Paul exhorts his fellow Jews to not depend on their knowledge or heritage or ceremony for their salvation, but on the grace of God who selected them. But Paul’s message is equally important to us today and important for us to grasp. Our salvation is by God’s grace alone and not through our upbringing or deeds.

The Depravity of Self-Righteousness – 03/26/2017

In Romans chapter 2 the Apostle Paul anticipates a response from his readers that may describe many of us. He anticipates that some of us will be thinking “the world is wicked and deserves judgment.” He addresses this thinking head on…and if he were here today he would say “listen to what I have to say, I’m talking to you.” Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers as he unfolds Romans 2:1-11 and shows us the danger of self righteousness.

God’s Glorious Wrath – 02/26/2017

If we think little of God’s wrath, we will think little of the cross. The Romans Road that leads us straight to the cross and the freeing grace of Christ begins in a dark place. It begins with the words, “The wrath of God is being revealed against all ungodliness.” This is where the good news begins!