Salvery that is Freedom

Paul uses a provocative image of followers of Christ as slaves of righteousness. But he has a purpose behind this choice of language to show us that being a slave to God’s righteousness is in itself freedom.

Report for Duty in the Regime of Grace!

When we accept that God’s grace has freed us from our sinful nature through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we officially become dead to sin whether we believe it or not. But our disbelief in that leads us to wage war with our past and present struggles. Pastor Dustin leads us through Romans 6:12-14 about understanding that climate of war and the practical weapons and strategies we have to win that war.

United in Christ

Who are you? Depending on the context, this question could be answered in numerous ways. Our honest answers to identity questions objectively reveal who we are…and practically, how we see ourselves.

In Romans 6:2-11, Paul’s defense of the gospel against its critics, speaks to the Christian’s identity. Paul would want us to go beyond the simple statement, “I am a Christian.” He would want us to be more specific. Please join us today as Pastor Dustin Rogers looks at how this specifically shapes the whole of our Christian life.

A Glorious Coup

The Gospel of Jesus is powerful news that the grace of God overpowers our sin. So the critics of Paul’s message in the first 5 chapters of Romans now claim that the Gospel means nothing or that it’s not complete. Paul does not shrink back from the thought but charges fast into a rebuttal and more teaching that shows us that we are free from sin by God’s grace but not to be ruled by it. Listen as Pastor Dustin digs deeper into Roman 5 and 6.

2 Adams Part 2 – Spectacular Grace!

When we last looked at Romans 5:12-21; we saw how Paul drew a prolonged comparison/contrast between Adam and Jesus.  Paul showed how both are representatives of the human race and how Christ is vastly superior.  Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers today as he looks deeper into this picture to see the abundance of sin attached to Adam and the death blow it delivers to each of us individually and to the world in which we live.  However being vastly superior, Christ has delivered a death blow to our sin.  He has broken the chains of sin and death and has poured grace out in abundance.  Christ is much more powerful to save than Adam was to destroy.  There is hope for every man!

The Two Adams – Part 1

Have you ever wished someone could take your place or represent you, allowing you to avoid a test or trial that you are currently going through?  In Romans 5:12-21, the concept of a representative is key to understanding this text.  Paul will present two representatives for the human race and by comparison will demonstrate that One is wondrously superior.  Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers as he teaches through this section of Romans 5 and shows us that Christ is the One who is our representative.

Romans Road Review

As we continue our study in the Book of Romans, Pastor Dustin Rogers takes time to review where we have travelled thus far on the Roman Road.  He engages a practical application of the truths found in Romans 1-5, reminding us that we are not righteous, God is righteous, God has intervened and we are now declared righteous!

Your Life Before and In Christ

Are you confident of and secure in God’s love for you? If you would answer with a “Yes”, how would you support that answer? How do you know, without doubt and regardless of circumstances, that you are deeply loved by God? Your answer to this question is crucial and, in fact, will shape your experience of the Christian life.

My friends, in the text we will consider tomorrow Paul answers the above question and does so in a way that should send shockwaves of gratitude, love, security, and joy to our souls. We’ll get a glimpse of our lives before and after Christ and what He has done to bring dramatic change. So, as you prepare to worship your God tomorrow, I want to encourage you to include this in your prayer – “Father, please show me afresh the greatness and surety of your love. Plunge me deeper into an awareness of what you’ve done for me and cause my heart to sing.”

The Treasure Room of Justification Part 2

Our last look into Romans offered us entry into the treasure room of Justification. We marveled at the treasures of peace, grace, and joyous hope that are ours within the walls of the gospel. None of these are contingent upon your performance as they are all rooted in what God has done in declaring you righteous according to the merits of Christ! We truly are rich in Christ!

For many, though, this merely sounds good in theory. They would say it’s wonderful to think about and they believe it’s true. They are there on Sundays to contemplate the gospel and sing of its realities. Yet, they would also say that life is hard. Life IS hard. Is it really possible to rejoice in the present realities of the gospel when life is hard? Are the treasures of justification meaningful in the midst of suffering? In Romans 5:3-5, Paul will say, yes! He will teach us that our treasure actually grows and increases in the midst of suffering.

The Treasure Room of Justification Part 1

Paul has spent 4 chapters of Romans teaching how a right relationship is grounded in faith alone and that faith was intended for all. In Romans 5, he transitions to talk about the jewels of justification and how we have treasures in the work of justification in our current position. Pastor Dustin shows us how these treasures, though not based on anything we’ve done, are offered for us to enjoy now.