The Road to Real Life

“10 Steps to Make your Dream a Reality in 2018″…Titles like this one are easy to find through a cursory search of the internet or print media this time of year. It’s the season of New Year’s resolutions and life improvement strategies.  In Romans 8:12-13 our Creator God provides some key steps toward a real living life improvement strategy for 2018 and beyond.  The life God has designed for you will never disappoint because He is both the securer and center of it, not ourselves. This is precisely what we need to understand as we begin the New Year.  Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers today as we continue in our study in the book of Romans chapter 8:12-13 “The Road to Real Life”. 

Holy Spirits Affirmation of Adoption

Have you found yourself saying “God, you are far too good to me”?  It is our prayer as we study Romans 8:14-17 we will collectively feel that same sentiment.  The realities presented to us in these verses should overwhelm us and move us toward awe and adoration of Him.  In these verses God goes above and beyond in telling us of His love for us and our status in Him.  Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers as he continues in our study of the Book of Romans.

Holy Spirit Makeover

From the moment we grasp onto faith in Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to us and beings to shape our lives in new ways. In this message, Pastor Dustin Rogers helps us see the stunning transformation the Apostle Paul describes in Romans 8:5-11

Filled with Purpose

The Christian walk should look like a humble yet confident stride for it is secured and strengthened by the presence of the Holy Spirit of God!  Romans chapter 8 is dominated by the twin themes of security and strength for the Christian that spring from a person – the Holy Spirit.  He is the theme of this chapter and what He brings to our lives is both critical to understanding and astounding to experience.  Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers today as we open Romans chapter 8 and ask God to give us a humble yet confident stride.

The Weight, Width and Wonder of Romans 8:1

Romans 8:1 is one of the most freeing and revolutionary verses of the bible. There is so much for us to rejoice about in the verse but there is a gravitas to it as well. God freed us from the burden of our sin so free serve and live in this truth. Do you believe that?

The Christian Conflict [part 2]

God used a uniquely transparent Paul in Romans 7 to provide some crucial clarity for our Christian walk. He clarifies that though we are no longer under the dominion of sin or under its power, we are nonetheless still capable of sinning because we still possess a sinful flesh. This is why we all struggle against sin…this is why we are so desperately in need of grace. As we open Romans 7 today there remains a good deal more for us to see.  We need to see deeper into this reality of indwelling sin and we need to see why there is hope…and where to go to get it!

The Christian Conflict Part 1

If we’re justified through Christ’s sacrifice, and we’re being sanctified then why do we still struggle with doing things that are sinful. Does that exasperate you in your walk? You are not alone, as Paul writes in Romans. He helps us see that we have this struggle because there are two opposing forces within us and we should not lose heart.

Sin is the Culprit, Not the Law

Please join us today as Pastor Dustin Rogers teaches through Romans 7: 7-13.   The Apostle Paul in this passage asks us the question: Is the Law of God bad and the cause of death? Paul shows us that he is not blaming the Law or denigrating it.  He is actually grateful for it and it reveals our need for rescue.  The Law shows us that our sin is horrific and it is our mirror, not the medicine.

Freedom in Christ

The enemy of the Gospel of Christ hates the freedom that Christ offers in it. The good news of Christ and the freedom that we have in Him is always under attack. The living word of God passionately speaks to protect that freedom. There are at least three gospel distortions that Paul addresses from 6:1 – 7:6 in his letter to the Romans which were dangerous in Paul’s day are equally dangerous in ours! Please join us today in Romans 7:4-7 as Pastor Dustin Rogers shows us to fight for the freedom we have through the grace of Christ!

Released and Remarried!

With great emotion and clarity, Paul has responded to criticisms like he is teaching lawlessness or preaching conscience-free sinning. He has repeatedly said, “May it never be!” or “Certainly not!”. He has then proceeded to appeal to clear gospel knowledge that should be known by every believer. In Romans 7:1-6 Paul continues the defense he has made in chapter 6 and frames it with a new metaphor. The metaphor of marriage.