God is Trustworthy!

Last week in our Romans series we considered chapter 9:1-5 and Paul’s broken heart over a perplexing reality – the reality of Israel’s national rejection of Jesus as their messiah. This reality spurred in Paul an impassioned desire to see his fellow countrymen saved.

You see, Paul understands that Israel’s rejection of Jesus allows an elephant in the room. Therefore, Paul addresses it head on. He spends three chapters helping us understand the state of Israel’s present and future and ultimately proves and proclaims that God is utterly trustworthy to keep His promises. In chapters 9-11 Paul anchors the promises of chapter 8 in an infinitely trustworthy God.

Gospel Emotions

The heights of Roman 8 and the peaks of joy give way to a broken Paul dealing with the reality his fellow countrymen have rejected Jesus. The first 5 verses of Roman 9 begin to lay out Paul’s burden for them to be saved and his intense defense of God and the Gospel.

Romans Review (Part 4) – Gospel Climax

Romans Review (Part 3) – Gospel Clarity

If we have access to free grace and our past sins aren’t counted against us, does that lead to lawlessness then? Pastor Dustin reviews Romans 6 with us where Paul refuses that notion because of our unity in Christ.

Romans Review (Part 1)

We’re going to see [in 1:18-3:20] that the sheer depravity of mankind is pervasive and sits exposed by and condemned under the righteous wrath of God. You need to walk away today aware or reminded that you CANNOT fully understand or truly appreciate/celebrate the good news of the Gospel without the enduring message of the first section of Romans.

When we think too little or too lightly of our sin and God’s wrath, we will think too little of the cross. We will think too little of Jesus and His gospel. Our affections will be numb. The context of the in breaking of God’s grace is everything. Like Dunkirk without a miracle…With no great plight, there is NO great rescue.

If God is For Us…

Romans 8:31-39 is the impassioned climax to the first major section of Paul’s letter to the Romans. As the culmination of one of the most important and powerful sections of Scripture, it speaks with incredible force to the Christian. It should embolden and empower us, encourage and uplift us, instruct and inspire us, and emotionally move us.  Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers today as we conclude our study of the first eight chapters of the book of Romans; the “The Romans Road”.

What We Know in the Midst of Suffering

Today we come to one of the most well-known and beloved texts in all of Scripture Romans 8:28-30. This passage provides incredible security, joy, comfort, and stability to so many as it transcends whatever circumstances you may presently face.  It brings our eyes and heart to a sovereign God and Divine Father who is, and has been, and always will be working ALL things together for our good! Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers today as we study Romans 8:28-30 and see three things that are especially important to know in the midst of suffering.


The Pain, the Hope and the Help

In this life we experience different sufferings and trials that test us. Due to the fall of man, creation groans with us as does the Spirit of God. In Romans 8:19-27, Paul points us to the confident expectation of a better day and world, and comforts us by showing us the Spirit of God helps us during these times.

Present Suffering and Future Glory

The pain and suffering we deal with in this world can be wearing. God knows and even tells us in His Word it is certain. But our suffering today is not meaningless or unheard. It is purposed so we might enjoy a glorious future in Christ.

The Road to Real Life

“10 Steps to Make your Dream a Reality in 2018″…Titles like this one are easy to find through a cursory search of the internet or print media this time of year. It’s the season of New Year’s resolutions and life improvement strategies.  In Romans 8:12-13 our Creator God provides some key steps toward a real living life improvement strategy for 2018 and beyond.  The life God has designed for you will never disappoint because He is both the securer and center of it, not ourselves. This is precisely what we need to understand as we begin the New Year.  Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers today as we continue in our study in the book of Romans chapter 8:12-13 “The Road to Real Life”.