Psalm 133 – The Blessing of Unity

Unity is hard and something we have to work for. It’s also worth every minute we strive toward it, a blessing bestowed on us from God when we follow his designed plan,


Psalm 32

Today we continue our mini-series in Psalms as Pastor Mark Meals teaches from Psalm 32 “Blessed are the Forgiven”.

Psalm 100

Today we continue our mini-series in Psalms with an eye toward thanksgiving in Psalm 100. One of the ways in which the Psalms help us is to remind us of how much we have to praise God for…no matter our current station. Whether we are on top of the mountain or in the darkest valley, we have reason to look up and, with Godward emotion, praise His name! The Psalm of Thanksgiving – Psalm 100 – will remind us of our reasons for praise and call us to worship.

Psalm 3 – Out of the Low Place

The exile of King David from Jerusalem is perhaps the lowest point of his life. David’s enigmatic life led him to be called “the man after God’s own heart”, yet he had deeply destructive patterns of sin. As a result, he knew what is was to face the consequences of his own sin.