HBC DNA – The Holy Spirit

We are sometimes asleep to the blessing around us. In the 21st century we have one of the greatest spiritual privileges ever given. Pastor Dustin closes our HBC DNA series talking about our best gift of the Holy Spirit that indwells us. But we need to be mindful of not closing off the fountain of this blessing through our choices.

HBC DNA – Surrounded by Grace

The last message in the DNA series turns the page to how we react and fellowship when church life can get messy and complicated. Grace is not something that we turn off and on or something that we give in to get something in return. We as followers of Christ are instructed to absorb all the cost to forgive when we have been offended.

HBC DNA – Committed to Missions

Does the DNA – the identity, the makeup of Heritage Bible Church match the pages of scripture? The substance of our fourth core value at Heritage is “Committed to Missions”. The question is, are we going? To what extent are we fueled by the passion of Christ to reach the people for Him? How much thought do we give to the lost all around us? Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers today as he talks about what it looks like to be sent and where it is that God has called us to go.

HBC DNA – Intentional in Community

The Church is not a building or an event. It is a community. It’s designed by God to bless us and give us support and fellowship. But it can be hard. The effort is worth it, yet the effects of not fostering community can be disastrous.

HBC DNA – Sound Worship

Does the DNA, the identity, the makeup Heritage Bible Church match the pages of Scripture? Are we a match to the Church Jesus founded? Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers today as we examine the DNA of Heritage Bible Church what it means to be sound in worship.

HBC DNA – Centered on the Gospel

Does the DNA of your church match the pages of scripture. We continue our dive into scripture to understand the makeup and identity of an authentic church. A Gospel-centered church is another DNA trait, understanding that our faith in God’s redemptive plan is the central story of the bible and that we see that faith is the grid for how we live our lives upward, inward and outward.

HBC DNA Part 2

Today we continue to put our church under the microscope of God’s word to see if our DNA is a match to the church Jesus founded and intended. In the book of Matthew we will find Jesus’ promise about His Church give rise to a command for His Church. This is a command that continues to be relevant to us today and one that must continue to shape who we are.



Your DNA explains who you are, how you are built, what makes you who you are. But what is the Church’s DNA and what is the recipe for what it is and how it’s built. Pastor Dustin kicks off a new series that explores this theme.