In studying Romans 14, we’ve been reminded that our unity is based upon essential doctrine not preferential opinion. The gospel which transforms our lives, also forms the basis for our unity. God desires that we humbly come together in love around the main things instead of dividing in arrogance over non-essential things. This was important in Paul’s day and remains so in ours.

The Debt of Love

We understand that we owe love to those around us. Not just those in our family, church or those we like, but everyone that comes into our sphere of influence. Jesus removes all the debt we are responsible for as it pertains to our sin, but we puts the debt of loving others square on our shoulders.

Transformed Citizens

Sometimes people will seek to ban discussion about the topics of religion and politics at family gatherings or dinner parties. They make these topics off limits because they’re too inflammable…an argument might break out. Well, Romans 13:1-7 is a veritable mashup of religion and politics (or civil authority to be more exact.)As we continue to see how the true gospel transforms our lives, today we look at the change it makes in us with regard to our attitudes and actions toward governmental and law enforcement officials. We trust and pray that you will come prepared to subject your hearts and lives to this relevant Word from God.

Love in Reaction

It’s in our nature to respond to hurt and injustice with anger or vengeance, wishing those who make us suffer or do evil will “get there due”. However, the Gospel should lead us toward transformation that does the opposite and helps us shun our natural impulses and act supernaturally.

To Tell the Story

The Lost Art of Christian Meekness

Please join us today as Pastor Clint Eberspacher teaches from Romans 12:14-21 “The Lost Art of Christian Meekness”.

Six Commands for Every Christian

The book in Romans is a saturated examination and exposition of the Gospel life. As Paul continues in chapter 12, he comes upon a list of attributes and commands the should be descriptive of our walk with God.

Community In Perspective

How does the gospel progressively transform our lives through the Holy Spirit renovation of our minds? Romans 12:3-8 Paul begins his answer by telling us that it will change the way we think about ourselves in light of the community of faith – the Body of Christ. Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers as we explore Community in Perspective in Romans 12:3-8.

Gospel Renewal

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we are all affected by people and the culture around us. What are you molded by? Pastor Dustin uses Romans 12:2 to show us that we can let the Gospel shape us and fight the influences that are opposed to God’s Word.

Reasonable Not Radical

Having worked through 11 chapters of gospel doctrine, in Romans 12 Paul shifts to address the change that it (orthodoxy) makes in the lives (orthopraxy) of individuals and communities. Paul insists that this Good News, when rightly understood and believed, transforms lives.
He starts this section with an appeal to Christians to do something that may, at first, seem quite radical. However, I’m eager for you to see on Sunday that his appeal isn’t radical at all…but reasonable.