Unashamed – 02/19/2017

Paul’s exclamation of being unashamed by the Gospel is known by many as a strong stand for faith. But in the two short verses of Romans 1:16-17, Paul packs depth, teaching and bold proclamation of God’s power and righteousness. Listen along while Pastor Dustin Rogers lets Paul’s these for Romans reveal just how awesome and amazing our God is.

Amazed by Grace – 02/05/2017

Are you amazed by God’s grace? Today in Romans chapter 1:8-15 Pastor Dustin Rogers shows us in Paul’s letter to the Roman church is not a stale text book on theology, but a letter to his brothers and sisters in Christ showing them how amazing God’s grace is. Please listen and let this letter speak to you and see what an amazing Savior we have and what He has done for us.

Testing Jesus – 01/15/2017

Mark 12:13-27 finds the religious power brokers of the day seeking to trap Jesus with their questions. Yet like before, he answers them with confidence and seeking to teach them of their condition and worry for the present. Today, whether it be our view of influence, knowledge, position or appearance being what we strive for, Jesus asks us to look at His life and how the present pulls our gaze toward eternity.

Gospel Saturated Greeting – 01/29/2017

We are quick to read through a letter’s introduction. The greetings, the pleasantries keep us from getting to the central focus of the message. In Paul’s letter to the Roman’s, however, we find a rich, Gospel-focused opening that let’s us know who the true author is. Pastor Dustin leads us through Romans 1:1-7 and unwraps some surprises for us.

The Book of Romans – An Introduction – 01/22/2017

The book of Romans is a letter to the Beloved, from a Father to His children, welcoming them with a smile on His face and telling them what He had to do to have them as a part of His family. This sermon begins our series on the book of Romans.

The Essence of Christianity – 01/07/2017

What is the essence of Christianity? This most significant question is answered by the most significant person – Jesus Christ. Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers today as he opens Mark Chapter 12 to consider Jesus teaching about the sum and center of God’s moral law.

Aware and Extravagant

In Mark 12:38-44, we see a huge contrast between the pretentious, power loving scribes and the humble, giving, trusting widow. This is a lesson for us about worship, discipleship and love. We should be extravagant in our giving, fully trusting Him with all, knowing that we worship a God who is a giver.

True Greatness

Our world has its definition of greatness. Often its about who has the most power or who has the most people working for them. Does that match God’s definition of greatness? Pastor Dustin Rogers walks us through Mark 10:32-45 as Jesus gives us the answer.

Submitting to Jesus Authority

In Mark 11:27-12:22, Pastor Jon Hess takes us inside the temple in Jerusalem to see another confrontation between the religious elite and Jesus. What follows in Jesus’s response is both compelling and prophetic. Be impacted by the life and message of Jesus, who is clearly the Messiah, the Son of God.

Promises Broken, Promises Kept

The story of Jesus and the fig tree often focuses on the curse and withering of the tree as Jesus’ power. As Pastor Jon walks us through Mark 11:11-26, we look closer at the events the cursing and withering of the fig tree surrounds and find that Jesus is trying to teach us how we, as the church, must be mindful of how the ancient tabernacle had strayed from God’s design.