Grace is Greater than Our Compromise

Though God is not mentioned, we’ve clearly seen His hand in the first two chapters of the story of Esther. He is at work behind the scenes, preparing to protect His people from a menacing threat that they aren’t even aware of yet. As the story unfolds we’re getting a beautiful picture of the providence of God…a picture that’s quite comforting.

However, you might have noticed aspects of the story that are quite discomforting to your mind. Perhaps you’ve been a bit confused or perplexed, especially as we waded into the events of chapter 2. In particular, questions may have arisen in your mind about our two Jewish ‘heroes’ – Mordecai and Esther – and their involvement in this scene. Because, there are things here that just don’t seem to add up inside the column of appropriateness…especially for a Jew.

We’re not going to ignore those questions today. We’re going to press into them and as we do, I believe we will find both challenging and encouraging applications for our lives.