Peace Amidst Pandemic

Psalm 133 The Goodness, the Beauty, the Sacredness and the Life-Giving Power of Unity

Alexander Strauch of Littleton, CO joins us to show us the environment Psalm 133 was written in and the power unity plays for the Church being the light of the world.

Bearing Up Under the Wait – Psalm 40

When we face incredibly difficult circumstances, we need to continually remind ourselves of God’s past faithfulness as we wait for God to resolve our present struggle.

Psalm 123 – A Song of Ascents

  • November 3, 2019
  • Text : Psalms 123:1-4

Listen as Micah Blowers (our Heritage Bible intern) shares several passages in the Bible where God’s people are in some sort of need and they cry out to the Lord for his help. God’s people knew that God would hear them, and they knew that he would act. That same God now indwells us, knows what we need, and hears us when we call out to him.

Weep With Those Who Weep

A church body will find itself in seasons of grief from time to time. Pastor Dustin takes a look at Psalm 77 in bringing understanding that we should feel sadness and be free to express it, share it and ultimately instruct it.

Psalm 46

Our Faithful Father

In chapters 9-11 of Romans we’ve found our Heavenly Father to be proven again as trustworthy and faithful. But, far more than a scholastic excursion, this reality of God’s faithfulness that Paul underpins in Romans is a truth that we each desperately need.

For life is hard…it’s complicated and complex. We need to know that God is actually there…that He actually cares and can provide the support, comfort, peace, security, and deliverance that we need.

Psalm 51

  • February 17, 2019
  • Text : Psalms 51:1-4

David’s Song of Good News

It is common for us to share good news with those we love, whether it be about a marriage, the expectation of a new baby, a new job. We all burst with good news. Pastor Mark Blowers leads us through a walk of Psalm 19, showing us how nature and God’s Word express the news He has to share with us.

Psalm 130 – When God Meets You In the Depth

When our situation is dark and times are hard, it seems difficult to have hope. But using his testimony as a backdrop, Pastor Michael Whitcomb shares that is the time when God can be found and our hope confirmed.