Living Thanksgiving

I hope that you’ve been able to enjoy the beauty of fall in these past couple of weeks. Trees turning fiery red or bright yellow is spectacular to see and another beautiful reminder of the goodness of our great God. Fittingly, these sights are also a reminder that Thanksgiving is upon us. But, I hope that Thanksgiving is more than a holiday for you. I truly hope that it is more than an event where we might be forced to come up with a few things we’re thankful for. I hope that Thanksgiving is a lifestyle.

I think that the book of Philippians could be subtitled something like “Thanksgiving Living”. So much of what Paul shares with the church at Philippi in this letter is aimed at a lifestyle of joy and thanksgiving. We’re going to consider this over the next two Sundays as we dive into Philippians 2:14-18. I look forward to studying this with you!

*As we enter this holiday season, let’s be mindful of the many in our midst who grieve recent loss. May our hugs, cards, words, and prayers communicate the care and support of our gracious God.

Stable In The Storm

Today we continue our mini-series in Philippians 4. We will look at verses 1-9 this is a text that you should constantly have in your spiritual tool belt. It is so important and helpful to be able to grasp a text that can quickly center your mind and stabilize your heart in the midst of storms. Please join us today as we consider the 5 ways Paul seeks to help us STAND FIRM!

Stand Firm Part 1

In the midst of pushback and adversity, it’s easy for us to shrink or lose our joy. But Paul tells us in Philippians 4 to stand firm. Pastor Dustin shares this section to encourage us to come together than stand firm.

Victory in Contentment

Philippians 4:13 is a verse you see slapped on bumper stickers, banners, clothing and even skin claiming victory through Christ. But a quick look shows that the victory is in contentment that dealing with trials of life is the victory we have in Christ.