Wealth You Can’t Afford to Keep

In Mark 10:17-31, Jesus is greeted by an eager and rich young ruler who wants to know how he gains salvation. Jesus’ answer leaves not only the young man sad but we wonder if Jesus is actually saying wealth of any kind is bad. Pastor Dustin tackles the issue of wealth and it’s strong attraction to become and idol in our lives, often clouding our view of our greater eternal treasure until we loosen our grip on our earthly riches.

God’s Design as Gifts

The crowds were trying to ambush Jesus into a political debate. Instead of falling for this bait, He uses this opportunity to teach them about the thing they were trying to trap Him in: marriage. He establishes that marriage is a gift given from a loving Creator and given with great care and specificity. Do you see marriage this way or are you just trying to find a way out?

The Christian Commitment

We sometimes are prone to accept God’s salvation without fully giving up the sin we are asked to leave behind. Jesus warns us by doing that, we’re not following him into Heaven. But instead of struggling with why a loving God would condemn anyone, we are asked to stand amazed that Jesus saw us running toward Hell and came to take our rescue with radical love. Pastor Dustin leads us through this passage that opens our eyes to see the Gospel’s perspective on Hell, sin and grace.

The Christian Team

It’s very easy for us to ebb into the thinking that we are the “only” church and that we have it all figured out. The disciples fell into this opinion when they observe a man casting out demons in Jesus name and he was not a part of their inner circle. We must not allow the error of ministry superiority, ministry envy and ministry skepticism, but instead celebrate the advancement of Christ’s name through the gospel.

A Vision of True Majesty

When we gather to worship, we do so to sit in the presence of true Majesty. We escape the mundane and leave the noisy here and now in order to refocus our gaze at the Majesty of our God and be mesmerized by His glory. As Pastor Dustin Rogers begins Mark chapter 9 you are invited to prepare your hearts and bring along your imagination to scale the mount of transfiguration as Jesus peels back the curtain to reveal a glimpse of His incomparable glory.

Jesus is the Christ

Throughout the book of Mark, Jesus has been preaching, performing miracles and pointing us to who He is. All this comes to a crescendo with the most important question you have to answer: who do you say Jesus is? When we answer that question, Jesus’ mission and purpose are unveiled leading to another question: will you follow? Join Pastor Dustin as he journeys through Mark 8:22-38.

Jesus Compassionate Power in the Face of Unbelief

Have you ever struggled to believe that Jesus knows what you’re facing and feeling? Have you ever struggled to believe that He cares? In today’s study of Mark 8:1-21, Pastor Dustin shows us that Jesus is powerful, He is incredible and He is intentional. With Jesus we have enough! We no longer have to wallow in fear, anxiety or doubt, because we can cast all our burdens on the Savior who truly cares for us.

A Contrast of Faith and Unbelief

A Tale of Two Men

Authentic Faith & Miraculous Transformation

As Jesus travelled into the Gentile regions around Israel, he finds a woman desperate to attract His attention and a deaf, mute man, both in need of a miracle. In these interactions comes a lesson of what authentic faith is and how a true humble heart pleases God.