My Good Shepherd

In light of the events of the last year and many in our Heritage Family that are going through a difficult time we pause today our study of 1 John and reflect on John 10. Please join Pastor Dustin Rogers today as we look at the beautiful imagery of our Savior as your Good Shepherd. Indeed, our Shepherd is wonderfully Good.

HBC DNA – The Holy Spirit

We are sometimes asleep to the blessing around us. In the 21st century we have one of the greatest spiritual privileges ever given. Pastor Dustin closes our HBC DNA series talking about our best gift of the Holy Spirit that indwells us. But we need to be mindful of not closing off the fountain of this blessing through our choices.

HBC DNA – Intentional in Community

The Church is not a building or an event. It is a community. It’s designed by God to bless us and give us support and fellowship. But it can be hard. The effort is worth it, yet the effects of not fostering community can be disastrous.

The Word: Worthy of My Worship