Seeing Jesus As We Ought To

The introduction to Hebrews starts with a loud statement of the passing from one covenant to another. Where God spoke through prophets, now he speaks through his Son. We can directly speak with God through Jesus. All of this is due to Jesus’ life, sacrifice and conquering of death. His entire set of attributes is proof of his deity and his ability to deliver us from our sin. He is worthy of every second of worship we offer to Him.

Holy Together

It is true that each of us is to pursue holiness individually. We are to seek God’s will and gifts in our life, allowing that process to perfect us until Christ comes again. But we are also called to pursue holiness communally. That is the focus Hebrews 12:12-17 as it calls us to strive for holiness together.

God is Speaking; Is Anyone Listening? Part 1

Please join us as Pastor Mark Blowers teaches on Hebrews 1:1-4. God is speaking; is anyone listening?

Let’s Run

Join Pastor Dustin Rogers today as he challenges us from God’s word from Hebrews chapter 12 verses 1-2.

A Better Sacrifice

There is a sort of tension or intensity throughout the book of Hebrews as the author makes his case that Jesus Christ is in every way superior to the Mosaic covenant with its requirements, rituals, and sacrifices.

It’s not that the OT covenant of law, the historical tabernacle (or the temple), or the Levitical sacrifices were “bad”. God had initiated each of them at a certain point in time for special and holy purposes.

Yet, in reading the New Testament, we learn that each one of these, God intended to be a picture of His ultimate redemptive plan — finally and completely revealed only in Jesus Christ.

Christ’s atoning sacrifice is completely sufficient; it is the one and only sacrifice I will ever need; it is enough for all time and for all eternity; it is enough for God to remember my sins no more; and it is enough for full and free forgiveness!

A Plea for Perseverance

Today we hear from Jon Hess as he gives his last sermon at Heritage Bible Church. He wants to leave us with the encouragement from Hebrews 12:1-2 to continue to run well! Lay aside the weight, and run well!