The Exultation of Christ

Christ at the Center – part 2

Last week we took a very practical glance at what it looks like to have Christ at the center of your life. We took a bit of a survey of the book of Colossians and noted that Christ-centeredness must begin with a proper perspective. We must see Christ as all of life and in all of life…being captivated by His infinite worth and joyfully yielded to His Lordship. Christ is the whole pie! He flavors every slice of the pie that is the Christian’s life. Do you see your life this way? Do you have a Christ-centered perspective?


While a proper perspective is crucial to Christ-centeredness, Paul doesn’t stop there in His writing to the Church. For, Christ-centeredness requires effort – a grace-driven, Spirit-empowered effort. In other words, you’re not going to just cruise towards an increasingly Christ-centered life. As the Scripture says, we must “discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness” [1 Tim. 4:7-10]. Today we’ll briefly remind ourselves of three basic disciplines that should be a part of a Christian’s life. These three godly rhythms will prove indispensable to your Christ-centered pursuit!

Christ at the Center

Last week we continued our brief excursion to consider the relevance and prominence of idolatry that is present in our world…and in our lives. We saw Jesus’ warnings and instructions to beware of things that can so easily consume our thoughts and absorb our investment. He taught us what real life really is and what should consume our thoughts and absorb our investment of time and resources.

Paul straightforwardly echoed Jesus’ words to the Colossians in chapter 3:1-4. The central point of these scriptures is abundantly clear – Christ should hold the central place in our lives. Christ should be at the center of your life around which everything else orbits.

Made For Another World

In our continuing discussion concerning idolatry, we take a look at Colossians 3:1-4 to delve upon what do we make ultimate. We are so tempted to make present things ultimate and place them at the center of our existence. But as Paul explains, when we do the real ultimate things become cloudy at best.