Transforming Hope

We will face trials and tribulation in this present life. But, Peter turns our attention to hope. Not just any hope, but a transforming hope, and a hope only found in Jesus Christ!

A Proven Faith

After pointing us to a future promise of enternal life and a future in heaven with God, Peter turns us back to our current but temporary reality: this life will give us trials and tests used to build, shape and fortify our faith.

An Incomparable Salvation

Father’s Day 2020

God’s design for the family leads us to see a husband and a father in loving unity with his wife and his childrens’ mother. We are ever in need of more godly fathers who will take the lead. While it’s certainly true that more men need to step up and pursue Christ and lead their homes, ladies your role in this is critical. Pastor Dustin looks at the important role wives play in tending the garden of the family.

Mother’s Day 2020