Blessed Assurance | Pastor Dustin Rogers

Billions of dollars are spent each year to keep our nation, homes, bank accounts, investments, internet, passwords, and our lives secure. We want to live with the confidence that we are safe from enemies who would steal, kill, and destroy. But, what about the ultimate enemies? What about Satan and all his forces of evil? All those billions can’t ultimately protect against him. What about death? All the money and supposed security in the world will eventually fail against this (nearly) undefeated foe.

But friends, we have access to a SECURITY that money can’t buy! In Christ, we are tethered to the ONE who has defeated death and hell and Satan! In Him, we have overcome the enemy who would steal, kill, and destroy. With the real Jesus, we have an abundant life that is full of joy and hope! The Real Jesus has made All the Difference and provides Real Assurance. This is what John has reminded us of in his first letter, and I, for one, have been blessed by it over these last several months. We conclude this study tomorrow as we look at 1 John 5:13-21, yet I hope we don’t conclude the experience of security. I trust that we will put the message of this portion of God’s word into a Belt of Truth that we wear every day!