Celebrate & Commemorate – Part 2

Do Christians struggle to celebrate spiritual wins? Have we earned the name the “frozen chosen”? Esther 9 shows us to not only celebrate birthdays, graduations and other life moments but to find joy to celebrate our spiritual successes.

7/5/2020 | Pastor Dustin | Esther 9 pt. 2 from Heritage Bible Church on Vimeo.

Celebrate & Commemorate – Part 1

Life is full of events in our past that we use to learn from and that we can celebrate. It’s important to celebrate. Not just because it’s fun but because it’s important to celebrate for otherwise we forget. This is one of the driving lessons of Esther 9.

6/28/20 Pastor Dustin | Esther 9 Pt. 1 from Heritage Bible Church on Vimeo.

Father’s Day 2020

God’s design for the family leads us to see a husband and a father in loving unity with his wife and his childrens’ mother. We are ever in need of more godly fathers who will take the lead. While it’s certainly true that more men need to step up and pursue Christ and lead their homes, ladies your role in this is critical. Pastor Dustin looks at the important role wives play in tending the garden of the family.

God Wins

The book of Esther has reminded us life can at times seem bleak and hopeless and yet God doesn’t fail or fall down on his promises. Esther 8 and 9 calls back to Esther 3 to show us how God ultimately wins. Every time.

6/14 Sermon | Pastor Dustin | Esther 8 from Heritage Bible Church on Vimeo.

The Elevation of Mordecai

A Dramatic Reversal of Fortune

As the climax of Esther’s story happens, Haman is about to receive justice for his plan to annihilate the Jewish nation. But pay special attention to the real story. Not about a man who ultimately was found out for who he was, but for how God time and again provides dramatic reversals for how we think the future will unfold.

Sustaining Strength

Serious Comfort

Mother’s Day 2020

The Exultation of Christ