Grace is Greater than Our Compromise

Though God is not mentioned, we’ve clearly seen His hand in the first two chapters of the story of Esther. He is at work behind the scenes, preparing to protect His people from a menacing threat that they aren’t even aware of yet. As the story unfolds we’re getting a beautiful picture of the providence of God…a picture that’s quite comforting.

However, you might have noticed aspects of the story that are quite discomforting to your mind. Perhaps you’ve been a bit confused or perplexed, especially as we waded into the events of chapter 2. In particular, questions may have arisen in your mind about our two Jewish ‘heroes’ – Mordecai and Esther – and their involvement in this scene. Because, there are things here that just don’t seem to add up inside the column of appropriateness…especially for a Jew.

We’re not going to ignore those questions today. We’re going to press into them and as we do, I believe we will find both challenging and encouraging applications for our lives.

Divine Providence

Last week in our study of the story of Esther, we were introduced to a powerful Persian King Ahasuerus. But, then we met his beautiful Queen who told him “No”, which threw this ‘great’ king into a drunken rage. A rage that led to an unnecessary, empire-wide crisis and eventually to the Queen being banished from his presence and deposed from her throne. The events of chapter 1 leave a particular vacancy in the Persian Kingdom. As chapter 2 opens, we’ll begin to see how God will use that vacancy to fill out His plan. Today we’ll look into this and press deeper into God’s divine providence and the responses it should inspire in us.

The Greatness of the Unseen King

History and literature are stocked full of examples where powerful men and shown to be weak or small. As we open the book of Ester, we find King Ahasuerus at the pinnacle of his power, ruling a wide swath of the known world and staging a six month party in his honor. But we find out quickly how fragile his power is when his queen tells me “No”. This serves as a fitting contrast to the true unseen king who is not only is sovereign but constantly working even when we don’t see him.

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

We have been forgiven of a monstrous debt of sin against God because Christ has lifted us up and made us righteous in God’s sight. And this should result in a grateful heart — a heart that is overflowing with joy and forgiveness towards others.

Introduction to Esther – The Sovereign Care of God

Truly great stories are hard to come by, but when you hear one you know it. Such is the book of Esther in the Old Testament. The lead up in history to this moment of time is pegged by God’s sovereign care to explain Esther’s role in the Gospel.

People Matter

Paul spendsPaul spends a lot of time in Romans 16 telling us about the people and families and friends that he was thankful for and those that he had affection for in the new church. But he tips us off to 5 products of the Gospel that beautifully describe God’s Church. a lot of time in Romans 16 telling us about the people and families and friends that he was thankful for and those that he had affection for in the new church. But he tips us off to 5 products of the Gospel that beautifully describe God’s Church.

Secret Church 2020

When we talk about the worldwide church, we don’t to forget the suffering many face for The Name. We hope that today it will awaken your heart to prayer for your brothers and sisters across the globe. We also hope to ignite your heart of thanks to God for the freedom we have to worship and, furthermore, to stir one another up to live less comfortably and more boldly for the glory and gospel of Christ!

Regarding persecution, we don’t know what our immediate future holds. I wouldn’t venture a guess as to whether or not we will face the kind of persecution in our lifetime that would drive us to have to meet underground, but it could come. Nevertheless, we should be mindful of the thousands of believers that are meeting in secret this very weekend. We should seek to know about them and pray for them…and as we do, may we be impacted and challenged by their faith!

1 Samuel 8

Please join us as Pastor Clint Eberspacher bring us the Word of God from 1 Samuel 8. “A King Who Saves and A King Who Enslaves.

Advent Hope

In Romans 15:8-13 we see that Christ came into being as a servant to fulfill the promise of God and bring people from all nations into one redeemed family. Does it bring you substantive joy, peace and hope? It doesn’t always feel like it so Pastor Dustin looks to encourage, challenge and inspire you on this hope from Romans 15:12-13.

Christmas Hope

I would suggest that one of the main reasons why Christmas is a favorite holiday is because of the expressly Christian sub-themes that supply this particular season. A primary one being HOPE.

My friends, Christ was born into this world and came as a servant to bring HOPE. I think you would agree that this world needs hope…you might even say, “Dustin, I could use a shot of hope right now.” Permit me to invite you to prepare your heart to be encouraged by the Word of God with the ultimate HOPE that we have in Christ. It is a glorious hope indeed!